Release Notes 2.0.1


BugDazz is pentest as a service delivery model and this document provides a summary of the recent feature additions, feature enhancements, major bug fixes, and issues for the BugDazz 2.0.1 release.  


This guide is intended for the end-users, administrators, and technical personnel who are using the BugDazz application to understand key changes from the last release.  

Release Details

This is the second release of the BugDazz application with new and enhanced features. The primary purpose of this release is to give our customers and pentester a seamless experience of rendering and performing our Pentesting services.  

What’s new in BugDazz’s feature list 

The section provides the details of the new features added in this release. 

Dashboard Widgets

Monitor your application’s vulnerabilities in real-time 24/7 using our Dashboard 

BugDazz takes your Dashboard to the next level by implementing widgets! The Dashboard now shows the graphs that provide an overview of the number of vulnerabilities found across your projects based on their severity, duration, critical assets, and status. It helps the clients to quickly mitigate the risk from critical vulnerabilities for their application with real-time updates from BugDazz Team. 

Jira Integration  

Hey Jira, Send me the list of Bugs/User Story/Tasks!!! Let me fix it 

You can now import tickets from your JIRA application to BugDazz. JIRA is now integrated with BugDazz bidirectionally which helps in importing the tickets to BugDazz.     You can import user stories, bugs, tasks, etc., from JIRA and map with BugDazz application including the severity of bugs. Using a webhook, you can bring Jira tickets to BugDazz automatically.  

IP Restriction

Attention Users! We track and limit the IPs accessing the BugDazz  

A new IP Validation of devices is now in place within the BugDazz. Users whose IP addresses are not approved by the admin cannot log in to the BugDazz application. You can also restrict the number of devices that can access BugDazz from approved IPs.  This functionality improves the BugDazz application’s security posture and coverage.  

One Click Report Download

Excited to see how your application stands on security standards? Clickkkk…. 

Get the Vulnerability Intelligence Analytics report at one click for different phases of the project testing.  You can now easily generate and download reports in the BugDazz.  It will be one-stop access for reports. Moreover, reports are added corresponding to their phases giving an organized view of downloadable reports. Supported files are .doc, .docx, zip, word, pdf, excel, and CSV.  

Column Filters

Click, Search/Filter/Sort, and Organize 

Now, it has become easier to quickly sort and filter the data on various fields. With 3 clicks, roll up your sleeves and get data as per your requirement in listings! Earlier, searching across the listings and that too in a filtered list was quite difficult and more manual. This enhanced feature now quickly organizes the data according to filters and search operations. Don’t forget to sort your data!!!    We have added column filters and sorting to all the listings in the application with a search option inside the filters popup. This helps to quickly find the programs, vulnerabilities, etc based on their status, due date, created date, duration, and many other important parameters.   

Enhanced Features 

This section provides a summary of enhancements for the BugDazz release.

Permission Restructuring  

Get Set Go!!! Faster and more secure is better.  Complex permission-seeking procedures are removed saving time for Pentest teams. Redundant permissions seeking calls are removed to ensure smooth and faster approvals for pentest. Permissions are also restructured at key phases which provides an additional security layer in BugDazz.  

Security Posture and Coverage

Cool, Your application’s reports and details are safe in BugDazz’s Vault

We make sure that our client’s application is fully secured with us and no external attacks can hit them through the BugDazz. We have done rigorous testing of BugDazz using security tools making it secure from external threats.    The BugDazz application has been pen tested exhaustively thus covering all the API endpoints and modules. This has improved the security posture of the BugDazz application both for Securelayer7 and its clients.     This makes our clients secure and creates trust as their applications and modules will be tested safely without any external attacks on BugDazz keeping the data safe. 

Future Scope 

For ease of customers, BugDazz will add features like Add Organization, Pentester Rating, etc. In upcoming releases. SecureLayer7 ensures a fine and smooth onboarding process for customers and a seamless platform for teams both from internal as well as external firms.    BugDazz is in a phase of continuous evolution and transformation to provide the best security services to our customers.  

Reach out to BugDazz Team for more information at [email protected]

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