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BugDazz is the Pentest as a Service(Ptaas) platform that provides an edge over traditional Pentesting. BugDazz delivers real-time vulnerabilities insights and helps actional information that needs to be quickly remediated and increases RoI on security testing activity.  

BugDazz pentest insights helps to increases the speed for remediating the found vulnerabilities and flaws in your digital assets without passing due date and all vulnerabilities are categorized according to their severity. Added to it is continuous live monitoring of assets penetration helps you take quick action on the critical and high risk vulnerability findings. This platform connects the application both with the pentesters-clients and ensures smooth delivery.

What BugDazz Offers? 

Ready to PenTest Service Platform: BugDazz enables quick onboarding of customers and faster assessment of threats to their application.  

Quick Remediation and Risk Reports: BugDazz enables 24/7 vulnerability monitoring, risk, and remediation reports on the go. 

Seamless Service Delivery: Our fully automated Pentest service on BugDazz is best in the industry for ease of seamless service delivery to clients. 

Integrated Environments: BugDazz is the only platform which is integrated with Jira custom fields. This reduces the turnaround time and efforts to quickly start risk assessing the tickets and categorize their risk severity. 

Highly Motivated Team of Ethical Hackers: Our clients demand the best pentesting services and that’s why we have the best and highly team of Pentesters.

PenTest On The Fly: Why BugDazz? 

“We are the only Platform based Pentest service focused on providing cutting edge vulnerability management and remediation services with 2x times agility of other pentest service providers in market. Our customers demand the fastest automated Ready to Pentest Platform to quickly identify and mitigate the risk arising from threats and vulnerabilities 24/7 on the go and that is crux of our offering BugDazz.”

BugDazz Platform 

Following are the 4 features to quickly start pentesting and manage vulnerabilities using BugDazz: 

  1. Quick 3 Click Testing: Our Customers always demand a hassle free platform and quick start of Pentesting. We launch pentest in hours by allocating the top security experts team. Initially the review of your requirements and submissions is assessed and then pentesters are assigned which are best suited for your application type.  
  1. Dashboard Stats: Once the assessment is done, we launch the programs in BugDazz. These programs for pentesting serve as information disbursal of different kinds of vulnerabilities. You get real-time updates of pentesting for different programs such as the severity of Vulnerability, duration of open vulnerability represented in Dashboard  
  1. Integrate with DevOps tools: All the vulnerabilities that are found can be integrated into the client’s SDLC using JIRA integration provided on BugDazz. These vulnerabilities can then be tracked both on JIRA as well as BugDazz.  
  1. Remediation & Result Findings: BugDazz offers a wide variety of templates which are customized to clients needs. The findings are crucial to our customers. Hence, we provide all around details including fixtures, severity, compliances of vulnerabilities in findings report. Our insights include the types of pentest performed, status, criticality, duration of open vulnerabilities, estimated time for fixing bugs and vulnerabilities and much more. 

Cautious, Compliant and Comprehensive Pentesting

Lets BugDazz!!

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